Delivering a lecture about Watteau's fê


Arts Professional, Actor and Art Career Mentor

I have worked in the art world for over a decade. My personal career in art started quite traditionally; first at Christie's auction house and then at the Wallace Collection museum. Eventually, I decided my passion lies with growing new businesses and supporting emerging artists, which led me to seek out a new role within the dynamic contemporary art world. Over the years I have assisted in opening two contemporary art galleries in Mayfair, I led art tours around the UK and curated over 30 exhibitions, managing some of today's most exciting artists as well as working with ground-breaking tech start-ups. The business of art is constantly evolving and ever-changing. Some see this continuous state of flux as a downfall and choose to pursue other ventures but I truly believe there is no better time to work in the art world. It is bigger and more accessible than ever. Creative careers are often not straightforward, therefore artists and art enthusiasts need support and guidance. After consulting and mentoring over the past decade as well as pursuing my own creative career as an actor, I decided to create The Arts Professional in order to assist art lovers in making projects happen and most importantly to help transform passions into livelihoods.

Anya Zraykat