"Portobello and Beyond" by Oliver Dunsch - soon to be published!

Earlier this summer we have successfully completed our Kickstarter campaign to publish Oliver Dunsch's photography book "Portobello and Beyond" whilst also raising funds for the charity Hospitality Action via

With the generous help of our supporters, we are now able to bring the book to life and it is currently at the printers. We are hoping to have it published by the end of the summer and have all the rewards delivered to our supporters by the end of September.

A little reminder of what "Portobello and Beyond" is about

Portobello and Beyond is a series of photographs of people working in hospitality captured by photographer Oliver Dunsch whilst exploring London and towns along the southern coast of England on his bike. The photographs will be published as a limited edition book to celebrate the trade of hospitality workers at this unique moment in time.

In the words of the photographer the purpose of Portobello and Beyond is

“to appreciate what an immense effort, love & dedication they pour into the cup we bluntly call hospitality. But it is so much more: It is the people who open their doors for us to make us feel good, enjoy the admittedly delicious food, the excellently barristafied coffee creations and lovely decorated interiors. For a limited period of time, a guest feels like a friend, is being treated like one and welcomed into someone’s “second” home... So in return for smiles, emotions and conversations during these brief but intense friendly encounters, I started taking portraits. Photos with value to save the moment, to create a memory. Nothing digital, but on film, something old school, like holding the door open for someone, being polite and considerate.Winding the film, enjoying the moment, taking the time to create a still frame, therefore saving the moment in time.”

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