The Deceiver

It has been two months since we performed the Deceiver. Such fond memories of the rehearsal process and the three nights of performances. It was a real gift to be back on stage after the pandemic and even more so to be part of a cast of 16 (!!) exceptionally talented actors supported by an amazing crew to bring this new incredibly ambitious play to life.

The Deceiver

by Tyler Jake Gray

A Tragedy in Three Acts

London. 1899. A frigid winter’s night. It is the night before a highly anticipated dinner party. When Lord Theodore Evington II receives a life threatening letter from The Deceiver, he must discover their identity before his life and reputation are lost. With the looming arrival of his secretive family, we see how far he will go to prevent the revelation of his darkest secrets. With so many possibilities, the question remains: Who is The Deceiver?

One devil of a dinner party in 2nd act of the Deceiver.

Sean Mulkerrin as Ellis Gold and Anya Zraykat as maid Florence Smith

The cast and crew of The Deceiver

Backstage at the Questors Theatre before the performance with Ambrose Hogan who played the butler Edmonde Farde and Anya Zraykat as maid Florence Smith

A snippet of the programme

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